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Cincinnati Meng Hu new season schedule

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New season schedule

Tiger in the 2017 season is a very good race, 16 opponents in the last season, winning just 44% League fourth easy schedule.


AJ- Green, take over

AJ- Green played only 10 games with injuries last season, which also led to his first few yards of the season last year when he was unable to reach four figures. But he played in 10 games, his 66 catch for 964 yards, size up to 14.61 yards, to prove himself is the one of the top league took over. Last season, when Dalton handed Green the ball, Dalton’s quarterback scored 117.

Andy – Dalton, quarterback

Ever since Andy Dalton’s debut, he has been plagued by unstable problems. Last season’s 4206 yard pass was only 87 yards short of the best 2013 season. Last season’s 8 number of shots was also the second best in the career (at least seasons in a career, but in that year he played only 13 games), so the odds are 1.4% best. We have reason to believe that with the return of AJ Green, Dalton and Green will continue to show their proper standards.

Attack team

Compared with external groups, return AJ Green, Massimo Rafael, Boyd good performance last season and John Ross the potential arrival, attack season Meng Huxin is probably more in front of them: with last season’s performance is quite good to leave the main right guard Zeitler within the same district the enemy of the Brown and Whitworth to ram after the last general offensive attack in the 2017 season facing greater challenges. You know, last season and Whitworth and Zeitler striker still let Dalton behind to eat 46 times the sacks. Today, the Bengal tiger’s solution is jerseys for sale to return to the team in the offseason veteran guard Andre Smith to replace zeitler. Last season’s performance is quite bad, was unable to cope with the fierce rush from right tackle Cedric – Auger Bush change to the left as Whitworth’s successor, right tackle Fisher by the end of last season and even Aug Bush can not shake the position in the new season as the starter. People familiar with Dalton knew he had the pressure in the pocket case pass is quite general, if still unable to enhance the protection ability of the pocket, then the attack may be Meng Huxin season in great trouble.

Last season, Jackson became the first year of praise over the offensive team coach still dare to use the opponent look no solution of the “Star Wars” formation brighten (Emori Henry formation, two offensive tackles moved to the outside, leaving only the middle 3 front players). In the coming and can make Mickelson mismatchs the main proximal aifeite front back, perhaps the new season tiger attack will be more abundant.

Defensive team

Defensive team coach Conte has more of his own unique design and calling tactics than his offensive nel nfl team jerseys coaches, especially in the design of surprise attacks. In the 2014 season took the conte defense coach Mike Zimmer left a post, not only retains some of Zimmer’s tactics at transmission with its own characteristics and improve the raid routines. In addition to the normal 3 raid, kingtype is quite love in the first two files when they use raid. But on the outside punch, besides Carlos – Dunlap, they are still looking for another lateral runner who will be able to deliver fire for a long time. I believe the new season will have many opportunities for Lawson and Willis to show their two new talent.

Defensive second line extension Kirk, Patrick retains the core strength. But the other side of the main cornerback Adam Jones is 34 years old, is not to let the season did not hit a 2016 round show cornerback William Jackson III began playing the tiger is worth considering.

Secret Service

Last season, veteran Nugent, who played for the team for 7 years, was released from the team after losing points in succession. The last tiger sign in the last two years has been in the team as a “fire specialist” daduangong expert kicker Randy Block. Bullock, who played in Dezhou for two seasons in 2013 and 2014, will be able to lock in again in 3 years’ time at the start of the season, and Bullock will probably cherish it, too.

50 years to build the United States and North breakout

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For Malvin Lewis and his Meng tiger, the 2017 season will determine the future fate of the team.

Malvin Lewis

In the league, there are only 1 coaches in the same team at any time, than Lewis, the coach of Malvin, who is Billy Cheik of the patriots. After Lewis came to Cincinnati in 2003 to a 10 years did not experience the playoffs with tiger into a playoff team competition, can be said to be one of the team’s history meritorious coach. But Lewis’s 7 playoff tour ended in a round. In the 2016 season, Meng tiger ended the season with only 6 wins, 9 losses and 1 draws, and missed the playoffs. But the 2017 season’s goal is very clear regarding Meng Hu, is returns the playoff. Last season’s dismal performance also made it impossible for Lewis to renew his contract until the last year of his contract, in other words, the 2017 season’s performance will directly determine Lewis’s future in Cincinnati.

Personnel turnover

Last season was the first year by Adams by quarterback coach transferred offensive coach. The team’s passing and rushing yards in the league in fifteenth and 13, taking into account the team and the injury is already very good, so he and Dalton cooperation over the years in the 2017 season coach will continue to be responsible for the nike jerseys tiger attack. As for the defense, on the season to improve anti Conte pass data from the 2015 season in the League at lower level to eleventh in the second league, on a good tune can be said conte. But in the mass, it is a big problem to be solved: Conte last season tiger throughout the season just over 33 sacks, only ranked 19.

Taylor – morning

Last season the tiger attack squad is influenced by injuries, AJ- Green’s injury and tight end Taylor aifeite absent because of injury of half of the race last season, the veteran Brandon – Rafael and Taylor – Boyd took the offensive team, the former has become the most target ball won the Andy Dalton. Wide receiver. In the offseason, this looks slightly shabby and took over the team has become a focus in the tiger reinforcing position for Meng Huxian last season and the good performance of the Rafael contract, and directly in the draft first round pick in the lower body side directly Shinco 40 yards sprint record holder from University of Washington wide receiver John Ross, to prepare for the future, but his injuries and tactical considerations do not know in the 2017 nfl jerseys china season he will play what role.

Joe mixon

Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard have long shared a tiger run the ball, but last season, the striker played poorly and two injuries and the two play, running back last season total just over 510 yards rushing dismal data, so the draft in the second round of tiger will not hesitate to choose go outside the risk of players from the University of Oklahoma run Joe Phil Mickelson, and he may be the tiger this offseason in the most critical reinforcement.
The defense group, taking into account the impact from last season in the fourth round of third cases, the draft in the continuous off two levels should be in the second round was taken away by the defensive front players, Jordan Willis and Carle Lawson, to completely solve the problem of insufficient impulse transmission.

The defense, the team’s main cornerback Bradley Kirk Patrick in the offseason and the team continued to contract under 5 years 52 million, tiger retained the defensive line and key players. In contrast, in the 1 year contract signed former Cardinals linebacker Kevin mintal is more is to increase the depth of line Wei qun. On the whole, he didn’t make too many moves in the free agent market, but instead, he did more on the draft.

Video live NFL preseason jerseys

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First interpretation guest

The entire network exclusively broadcast three NFL preseason games jerseys, and there will be domestic NFL commentary, the first person Xiao deep audience friends brought 49 people in San Francisco against the Minnesota Vikings live commentary. The following is the preview of the three matches. Let’s have a look:

Chicago bears Tennessee Titans at 1 a.m. Beijing time

The biggest thing this preseason is bears rookie quarterback Michel Truby Lipinski could continue the game before the good state, the 2017 time draft show Bangyan before pre-season has a very eye-catching performance, which makes many people full of expectations of the young people, and the face of the preseason Titan, the Chicago bears will also has sent Mike and getting Truby Lipinski debut, the new season bears starting quarterback competition will be between these two people and now decided, Truby Galinsky show has been in the game starting quarterback NFL level standard.

And here we may see the Titans before the Heisman winner Derek Henry, after all, the 2017 season Derek Henry will get more opportunities, perhaps we can expect the player to a star; and shortly before the injury of the main four point guard Titan Mario tower should not appear, but the star running back in Germany Marco Murray will probably appear in the game, playing one or two offensive.

4:30 a.m. Cincinnati time, Beijing vs. Washington Red Skin

This game, relatively noteworthy is the high level of both teams, rookie in the game will have what kind of performance. Cincinnati Meng Hu side of the first round of the ninth ranked rookie outside take over, 40 yards record men John – Ross did not appear in the first two games, and the rapid men can appear in this game? Probably not, John Ross seems to have some injuries in the body, tiger team does not dare to adventure sent the young man; but the Bengal tiger’s two round pick, run Joe Mickelson should be played in the game, tiger in the preseason to the feet of the young people the chance to play. While Mickelson’s performance is quite good, so we can play more attention to the running performance of Wei wei. In addition, like Meng tiger’s main quarterback Andy – Dalton, the star outside takes over AJ- Green, all should appear, hits several files attack.

The Washington Redskins quarterback here, Kirk cousins will warm up by the way out a touchdown, the first round of the show, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen is the Washington Redskins obtained in the draft of the surprise, play red let Allen completed the first show, and this game, we can see the powerful military Chong play; in addition, the new aid, red star receiver Terrell Pryor may also debut in the game. Generally speaking, the aspect of the match is more attractive.

49 in Beijing at 8 a.m., San Francisco versus Vikings in Minnesota

The game will be broadcast with a commentary from the gold medal. We can also focus on what is going on in the game The Vikings side, a Vikings rookie running back Darwin Cook certainly pre-season most attract fans, the running back strength with almost four this year, the Leonard Faure Nate show but due to some factors be roughly the same, OTC, Cook fell to the two round and then by the Vikings away. So in the first two games, we have seen the rookie powerful strength, the first game of the 4 red ball 30 yards, second games 7 red ball 40 yards, his physical and personal ability is very good, can be said to the young running back is likely to inherit Adrian Peterson’s the mantle of this game we can directly see the performance of Cook.

In San Francisco 49 people here, their performance in two pre-season games in the third round of selection of rookie quarterback Besede CJ- of the two games was quite beyond all expectations, 3 touchdowns, and win the game in the Emirates Besede finished 101 yards and 2 touchdowns, which is outside the San Francisco 49 harvest. This preseason, Besede will debut, but more important is the 49 of San Francisco’s two first round pick Solomon – Thomas and Reuben – Forster, the two basic is the future of 49 people defense foundation, so we can see how well the two defensive players performance tomorrow.

This is tomorrow’s Tencent sports exclusive broadcast of the three game forward, Xiao Shen Xiao teacher will be in nfl sports jerseys together with you enjoy the game.

Xiao, the famous comprehensive sports experts, American football, hockey, baseball, cycling “four habitat” cross-border interpretation, consecutive years commentary NFL super bowl, is the first Chinese tracking reports of the tour de France’s new media reporter, reports from the scene and has the MLB all star game, NHL finals and other major international events experience and explanation.

In commentary commentary work, Xiao deep served as music, sports, bicycle channels, baseball channel editor, is a veteran of American sports, bicycle project promotion and domestic sports industry researchers. At the same time, he is also well-known sports, commercial media, sports industry, the founder of the ecological circle.

Baltimore Ravens jerseys: Mount North America

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Today’s 32 Day 32 team column, we will take you looking forward to the United States north of a team, one Baltimore crow comeback.

The crow is lucky, crow is unfortunate, fortunately they did not repeat in the 2015 season that appear as massive injuries, unfortunately they still could not return to the playoffs team, their playoff is so near, near to one arm of Antonio Brown’s distance. Last season’s Ravens had 8 wins and 8 losses. Although they won the game, there were some limitations that made it impossible for them to take all the battles, and they didn’t have the luck to take care of them. Although every effort to struggle, but ultimately failed to escape the bitterness of failure. In addition to the eleven week is lost to the cowboys and last week to give up a lot of strategic defeat to the Cincinnati tigers, losing the remaining six score difference no more than one touchdown, these teams including last year’s champion patriots, good state of giants and raiders. The task of the new season the team still rely on Joe Flacco’s body, and Foti will bring direct about the season to crow.

Personnel change: draft / trade / Coach / management

Steve Smith

With the offseason free market opened, the team had to face an important figure in the loss of first team last season’s No. two receiver Steve Smith chose to retire, the wandering in the middle and long distance from the hanging knife sword killer letter gone for ever, and his departure is a blow to the crow came not only on the pitch in the locker room, they lost a leader. And last season shine, the first selected occupation bowl fullback Kell Euse Zeke, after the end of the season he defected to Kell Shanahan San Francisco 49. Mike Wallace stole the spotlight Kamal Aiken unbearable team unfair tactics to the southern angry pony.

Jeremy Mclean

Of course, the team around Joe Flacco attack group is reset, Steve Smith even retired, still did not forget to help the nfl jerseys china old club of lobbyists, after submission of leave books on Brandon Marshall, and Smith was as a lobbyist, trying to keep the large outer join with a veteran in battle crow, but unfortunately it did not go, Marshall giant. The crow in Miss Marshall, and on the same jet from Miss Dekker, but they conquered another free agent from Kansas chief Jeremy Mclean, chief of the top 15-16 season took over after an injury lost position, was chief laid off, a two-year contract claim the strength of the crow good players. The team also took a decisive follow-up because of injury last season played only two former lightning players Danny – Wood head, a skilled horse bow and flexible short running backs, and there is a groove in the outside hand skills. It wasn’t over yet, and the Raven took the former saints’ starting side, Benjamin, Watson.

Marlung – Humphrey

The defense of the excessive loss of blood, also let the team in the draft is more focused, holding seven rounds of crow will be one of the five sign a defender in the selection of the first round, they won the University of Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey, the two round pick Houston university outside linebacker Thailand Erskine in the three – Bowser, continuous shot down from the University of Michigan Chris wormeley and defensive striker of the University of Alabama linebacker Tim Williams, who failed to pass the test last year, should have entered the league, three university scored a total of 62.5 times the sacks, is quite scary.


Joe Flacco, quarterback

In today’s old rogue and little meat in the quarterback era, people seem to forget a named Joe Flacco quarterback, he is so humble, so not many fans noticed him, perhaps some fans should be new fans, they had not seen this thing really Foti, so he does not know how.

Since the 12 year title, in addition to the 14 season is good except the season’s performance is not satisfactory, the protection of course part of the reason can be attributed to 4 years in 3 years the line of the most unfavorable, or Joe Fraco’s condition had a problem, but last season he has to refresh his occupation career passing yards, 4317 yards passing season 672 times is also the occupation career high, there is no doubt that this configuration with offensive weapons to enhance the single, simple past offensive players couldn’t get Joe Fra Kosch show nfl game jerseys their talent, when he got the ability of talented players that situation becomes simple and not the same. The past few years is also no less frustrating, squad with players, so that he and his crow in recent years in fact was not so happy, one can’t make bricks without straw, Joe Flacco is best.

Jacksonville Jaguar New season forecast

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Lin Qi in the first round

As a famous American League Southern minnows, we see a new season, the team will bring us what interesting things:

Personnel turnover

The Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL alliance in 1995, but the team’s history is really impressive, Jaguar history only won two conference Championships, a total of six times scored the playoffs, embarrassing is that after entering in twenty-first Century, a total of only two successful Jaguar playoff experience, after the start of the 2007 season in the American League semi-final loss to the Patriots, the team has never entered the playoffs, but the record is very ugly. Last season, this team is harvested 3 wins and 13 losses record, once again ranked the southern United States in the last place. Years of bad record made the team always get a very good draft, but Jaguars never picked the right players. It would be said that the team would always be abandoned by the gods. Over the past few years, the Jaguars selected like Justin, Luke, Joe Cole Blackmon dantay Fuller high rookie such always because of all kinds of unable to prove himself, and is regarded as the cornerstone of the construction team of the 2014 overall pick Blake Boulter, no effective growth, only three years with more and more bad show oneself is deeply influenced by the traditional Jaguar smuggled goods.

In terms of the management, in the offseason, the Jaguar top or very stable, David Caldwell as general manager of deep trust, and for the Jaguar officially promoted to coach Doug Malone and all members of the coaching staff, 2017 can change than in the past is a difficult task.

Star character

Jaguars have always been a team of lackluster stars. The most famous player in Jacksonville Jaguar’s history game jerseys was probably Jimmy, who took over Smith’s two super bowl. Now in the Jaguar squad, really no one can be called as everyone knows players, to say the relatively unknown player is probably by innumerable people can become optimistic about the star running back Leonard Holmes – nate, Louisiana State University in three years Lee Faure Nate has known the United States, although Faure Nate just before the season a game played in the game, but Faure Nate has shown exciting level.

The special group of Jaguar and is not very good, kicker Jason Meyers last season is very general, although the level of free kick is OK, kick 12 50+ yards hit 7 times, but the additional shot can be said to be very bad, 32 additional points shot only hit 29 times. The punt, punter Brad Notman is not qualified, a total of 77 times the punt was only 27 times limit the opponent on the 20 yard line, and special teams return and in opponent special teams, or the performance of the Jaguar in the League upstream level.

Race forecast

The 2017 season of Jaguar in addition to confrontation with district rivals also face National League West and North midland and New York jets jersey and San Diego lightning team, the following is the Jacksonville Jaguars schedule (the following is the North American time, the next day is Beijing time):

A Jaguar present situation, Boulter has basically been removed first, backup quarterback Chad Hengen has the opportunity, but the current two level just about the same, so boldly predicted that the Jaguar 1 wins and 15 losses associated with the bottom.

Houston Dezhou: defense is not just terror

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NFL South Midland is considered a team Yunan brings together a partition, but this partition will always have a team for other American League teams bring a lot of difficulties, from Payton Manning’s Indianapolis pony dominant party territory, now led by JJ-‘s Watt Houston in Dezhou already could not help want to challenge the Supreme throne. Today we have to introduce today’s southern overlord Houston of Dezhou people.

Personnel turnover

The new season Dezhou quarterback position and the line is still a weak link, four NCAA champion quarterback Sean de Watson in the first round of the 12 overall to Houston, Watson may be able to provide some immediate impact for the Dezhou quarterback, but he as a four quarterback in this position can be selected explain some problems, and for the future, Watson will become an excellent starting quarterback, and the people of Dezhou also said the news would choose to let Tom Savage as the first to stabilize the situation and let the veteran quarterback Brandon Vuitton and Watson on the bench.

Brock Wheeler Oswald

The quarterback is an attacking team in the group is the key position of the people in Dezhou remained very competitive last season after the Super Bowl staffing, the team is only the final goal, and even can be said that Aus Ville will be traded to the Cleveland Brown team can say Dezhou is the ultimate reinforcement, and of course, 2016 the 2017 draft is more helpful to the people of Dezhou, not only that the team’s mind is perfect from the 2011 draft, selected is perhaps the best history at hand from NFL in 2016 to JJ- Watt, will Fuller, the people of Dezhou in the first round of selection of players all become stars in the League, we naturally have reason to believe that DeShawn Watson will grow up in such an environment to get. Look at the people of Dezhou this year’s draft in addition to Watson, the two round of the selected linebacker Zach Cunningham will be the future defense characters flash, powerful three selected alternate running backs a Forman might become a star running back Lamar Miller, nfl jerseys cheap after adding offensive tackle supplement Julien Davenport although not for the people of Dezhou’s offensive line enough to help, but it can increase the depth of the line-up, defensive tackle Carlos Watkins, Winston – decoin safetys Trevor and center Kell Fuller, Houston’s annual draft is always brings the biggest, so Dezhou people through the free market is not trading or supplement the excessive personnel changes.

Coaching and management is in a good state, no change of management, and the coach group also just before the offensive coach George ghodsi joined the Detroit lions, Obrien coach Bill also took over the offensive and defensive position coach, coach Romeo Clay Neil as assistant coach, linebacker coach Mike Frabel became the defensive coach, former occupation bowl wide receiver Weiss Welker became Dezhou’s offensive and special teams assistant coach, open his coaching career.

In fact, in a word, when the three best defensive player, JJ- Watt, is coming back, the Dezhou squad will be in full bloom, and 2017 must be the best chance for the Dezhou people to attack the super bowl.

Family Star: JJ- Watt

I believe that for several star Houston Dezhou people, countless fans are familiar, the first to talk about Watt JJ-, after the start of the season last season soon, JJ- Watt because of a back injury surgery for the season before entering the League after JJ- Watt is generally even scarred, iron man, but he never missed any cheap game jerseys, 2012 and 2014 both take the shocking 20.5 sacks, 4 first team, 3 defensive player, 299 career tackles 76 sacks to 15 off the ball, this is even very many players are unable to complete the entire occupation career of Albert, and JJ- Watt in a short period a few years all reached, he was the first person in the history of the NFL completed two single season sacks 20+ player, in what other language Watt is redundant, as long as he is on Germany The defending team of the state never fears any opponent.

Last year, Houston Dezhou in the absence of JJ- Watt, the 2014 champion show Judd viand Klauni and linebacker Whitney Luce, two people together to provide the Mersey extremely high-quality performance, especially in the state of Klauni takes finally proved himself as a champion of the part of value, his strength and speed the opposition front is very embarrassed. Last season, Klauni healthy starting all games, completed a total of 39 tackles, 11 quarterback sacks and 3 hits, and 12 negative number holds negative number in the League holds the top of the second, while in the Mersey Luce in the past 25 games, with 19.5 escapement kill third in the league, after the Raiders Khalil Mark and Denver Broncos von Miller. The playoffs last season, he still finished one of Tom Brady’s sack. The new season, Klauni Luce Mersey will form a historical level and JJ- Watt’s defensive line.

Preseason second weeks

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What are the highlights of the second preseason games? Let’s have a taste of it!

Kick return touchdown, bears a win over the Cardinals

The bears starting quarterback Mike getting started showing a good state, led the team to a shooting position and hit the ball. But then getting in each other red zone sent a note to steal, but the Cardinals did not score into each other’s mistakes, the first section of the game is no longer bright. The second section of the game both sides played inextricably involved each with a touchdown. The Cardinals last wave offensive to promote the midfield at the last second, facing the free kick 63 yards, the Cardinals chose bawanggengshanggong. Did not expect the ball ended up not out of bounds in the end zone, already lie in good bears return hand Deang special – Thompson ball from at least 3 sackin after touchdown, the cardinals in the final seconds of his adventures and paid the price, the return touchdown distance of 109 yards, a record NFL record.

Behind the cardinals in the fourth quarter after the completion of any spare no effort to catch up, and the ball up front, and in the last 1 minutes after touchdown directly select the two conversion, do not want to give the bears any opportunity, but did not reach a two-point conversion, but lost 23:24 to bears, two radical attack is the root cause failure of the team, the offensive team coach to be responsible. The fans show Bangyan only Truby Lipinski minutes 8 pass 6, 60 yards, and a touchdown.

Crows kill dolphins in the sea, and lions shoot down jets

In the first three games of the New York jets, the lions failed to be interested in such rivals, and eventually the lion won the jet and ended up with a 16:6 score.

The packers victory over the Redskins, the main quarterback Aaron – Rodgers and Kirk – Test to Sijun Xin debut, and has good performance. Rodgers developed a new weapon of their own, just from the transaction to the Matra, patriot Bennet, cousins played for a quite long time, 23 and 14 in 144 yards for a touchdown. But in the game play is a fatal blow to the packers four four vezha Sam Hill, the Brigham Young University-Provo defeated players in the fourth quarter with a key rushing touchdowns, helping the packers counter ultra score, locks the victory. Finally, in the red green war, the packers defeated the red carpet at 21:17.

The Denver Broncos defeated the San Francisco Broncos 49, four consecutive day bombing hit 49 people could not find the north, early surrender.

The Patriots lost Dezhou, Gallo Poirot sent a fatal mistake

The first quarter of the game, the Patriots first hold the Dezhou people of the first wave of the attack, the offensive team led by Tom Brady main full debut. But first came from the Houston of Dezhou, Savage found space in the first section of the last time, completed a touchdown, in addition, the Dezhou defence group also nearly steals Brady, mass male god J.J. watt returned to the defense of the people of Dezhou, and state Huiyong, is remarkable. In the second game, Brady first found the running guard, Burke Hyde, scored the touchdown, after two consecutive free kicks, the score reversed. The rest of the game both of you come to me after the end, Brady, backup quarterback Jimmy Gallo Poirot took over the rest of the time.

The two sides into the bayonet charge in the fourth quarter, after the Gallo Polo preseason jerseys sale connection DJ. Forster, the latter after the ball forward 20 yards to lead the score. But Gallo Polo in the first attack in good times don’t last long, ran out of pocket pass by Denzel Rice with a monkey picked peach finish steals, the interception has also become a turning point in the game, the latter directly on the patriot’s 5 yard line, and finally by the Dezhou attack group completed a touchdown. Although the last 11 minutes of the time, but the Patriots bench powerless, eventually lost to Dezhou 23:27 team.

The reversal of the Falcon cheap jerseys

The beginning of the game the falcons played in Matelaien under the leadership of the smooth, then established a lead, backup quarterback appearance. The Steelers special teams in the game in the first time the other abandoned destroyed a kick, then completed a punt return touchdowns boosted morale. 30, the Steelers running back James Connor in the Le Vian Bell is not the case, take the ground offensive team, brisk performance, often ran out of the big number, and will help the team to score in the last quarter ahead. Finally, the Falcons have a chance, but with the Steelers steals a game, then there is no suspense, the Steelers eventually turn the tide 17:13.

The New Orleans saints beat Losangeles lightning

Although the lightning team in the home court, but the attack completely misfiring, before the three day was scoreless, the last section of the game lightning defense group it is not under attack group bad performance, with a 99 yard interception return touchdown made the team only low, eventually lost their interests in the saints 13:7 in the lightning.

Seattle Seahawks New season jerseys outlook

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Prospects for the new season

Seahawks is one of the super bowl, a contender for the 5 consecutive year, the new season is not far behind, the construction team mentality of the team is quite clear, continuous playoffs that the team has been traveling in the right direction, based on the retention of the original main reserve team on personnel, ensure the lineup depth in the next few years. In the race on the team to face the other playoff team campaign, in addition to playing with brother can break the other field is tough. Taking into account the Al west power, San Francisco 49 people have no ability to compete, but the rams always beat the in high spirits, to play the new season GF is unknown, its biggest rival Cardinals will become the Seahawks biggest spoiler. Here to break, as long as the spirits to keep an eye on the next cardinals, this is enough.

Expected results: 11 wins and 5 losses, topped the group.

Thomas Rawls

After passing attack, the attack on the road as we’ll talk about. The injured Lynch’s achievement in Thomas – Rawls, Thomas – Rawls last season in the injured can not play under the condition that the team developed C.J. general Seth, and let the nation know the rookie game against the patriots. Even so, the still appears to be stretched in the running back position, the two running backs advantage is young, disadvantage is young. Eddie Laixi joined the Seahawks running back depth increased, his experience and stability, is currently lacking, but Eddie – Laixi to rise head and shoulders above others is not easy, the two brother said the worst look at fiercely as a tiger does not, is the league’s worst offensive front line. Although the team has just signed a new contract to center Justin Britt, but the line you don’t have great expectations on it, they are one of the focus of the fans in the first game, released four or five sacks as homely food, so behind them to play, is to avoid the need to grapple ability, be good at to find the gap running back.

Defensive team

The mention of the Seahawks defense group, everyone will be unable to restrain the emotions a thumbs up, the team almost spent on defense. Seahawks defensive focus first on the ground, in the data of Shanghai eagle for several consecutive years are ten level before alliance. They are good at using 4-3 defensive formation, in this system requires each defender control a gap, the linebacker anti running ability is extremely demanding, so Bobby – Wagner K.J. White is extremely important. Bobby Wagner – all three defense for the Seattle Seahawks jersey nfl, he formed a barrier in the midfield that any offensive players are difficult to easily cross, White’s love is very characteristic of the K.J. body used in ball defense against near end. The No. 3 linebacker, I think this season from the introduction of the Arthur Crow – Brown can compete, in general, the Seahawks have the strongest defense alliance at wei.

The Seahawks defensive line

As everyone knows, not love surprise, surprise tactics accounted for less than 20% of the amount in the team, the team with the Michael – Bennet and Clif – like Lille Chong Chuan master zaff, making the team rushed from top coach confident ability, will be good at anti running players on the first pass, will be good at drawing in the three block. In addition to raise a defensive rich set of personnel allocation and rotation depth let coach hate every arrangement of three different sets of defensive line, which makes the team rushed pass more fierce.

Finally, we talk about the Seahawks sign in the “detonation Legion”, they are all the quarterback passing into a nightmare, Earl – Thomas, Richard – Sherman – Edward Kham, everyone is a master singled out the top of the league, but also because of their existence, the opponent did not dare to use the long ball. But it was not without problems, the off-season rumors around Richard Sherman, the remaining two cornerback Ryan and Shedd play really is general, so the draft Sea Eagle used four sign a defense to supplement the line, possible period of want or need to do.

Secret Service

The Seahawks kicker position of great changes, the original main kicker Stephen Hauschka last season lost 4 free kick did not say, also missed the 6 additional points, which made him lose the job directly. The new season, the team signed former Vikings kicker Blaine Walsh and former Vikings John Lunsford, in which Walsh is known about his deeper impression, 15 years of the playoffs is his short distance free kick missed let the Seattle Seahawks nfl jersey adventure pass, but he also played last season is not ideal. In the back to attack this position, German – Heisler retired, recovered by the injury – Taylor – Locket continued to hold the opportunity may be relatively large, and Richard – Sherman and Earl – Thomas also have the ability to attack back.

The prospect new season of Arizona Cardinals jerseys

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In addition to the 6 match between district rivals, but also against the Cardinals this year in the eastern, southern and Detroit lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including playoff contender. The Cardinals on both ends of considerable strength, but the problem seems to have been that they do not exceed the past hom.

Record prediction: 9 wins and 7 losses, the country west second, missed the playoffs.

The line is still a major hidden danger of cardinals. In 2015, the first round of the D.J.Humphries was released 9 times last year in the right wing position, and this year he will move to the more important side of the left, with a formidable task. Last year (Jared Veldheer) in the left Jiefeng position is impressive, but in the middle of the season because of the triceps tearing season, the new season he will be switched to right tackle. Once the alliance premier guards (Mike Iupati) now only average, but he is still the first choice left guard. Center AQ- Shipley’s performance can only be said to be able to live, but in stability and high attendance, but also cheap wages. Last year, right guard Evan – Mathis played less than 5 games on the season reimbursement, the team has not been able to find the right players, make up for this loophole. This year, Mathis announced his retirement, the Cardinals appointed the second grade (Evan Boehm) to become the first last year, his two top performance is not ideal, hope to grow his new year really be able to afford the team’s expectations.

The new season, David Johnson will kill kill, but the injury factor and offensive attack unknown people attack group of Cardinals worried.

Robert Enkemudiqie

Star defensive end Campbell left Carlisle Cardinals defensive attack huge losses, fortunately (Robert Nkemdiche) looks very well. Last year in the first round of the selected Enke Moody Che due to an ankle injury in his rookie season only played in 5 games this year, he was in training camp with positive attitude and good nhl performance, last week against the Raiders pre-season is fully embodies his advantage, fast speed, strong impact force, can give the line to produce enough trouble. In addition to the most talented and the strength of the Enkemudiqie peak (Corey Peters), the defense is a qualified starter, and defensive ends (Rodney Gunter) (Frostee, Rucker) and (Josh Mauro) is lower than the average level or even worse.

Chandler Jones

But even if the overall strength of defensive attack is not so strong, but the Arizona Cardinals rushed jerseys from china absolutely reassuring, because in the outside linebacker position (Markus Golden) is the gold partner. From the move to the Patriot Jones last year, the annual contribution of the 11 sacks and 66 red pass pressure, is the League best outside rushed pass in no wonder this year will leave the Cardinals at large. And Gordon also made remarkable progress last season, 53 times, 12.5 harvest. Wei (Deone Bucannon) last year. The overall performance has to step back, but he is still in safety from anti transfer has the advantage, the average pass only 0.75 yards out anti lost and no touchdowns, and he will be the first round of the rookie Hassan – Reddick in the first episode. Such defensive front line configuration in the league can be ranked in the top ten, the main drawback is running less weak.

Milly Mathieu

Patrick Pedersen is one of the league’s best cornerback, but his partner (Justin Bethel) can only be considered acceptable. (Tyrann, Mathieu) although the name is the starting point guard, but the backcourt all-around warrior is the team rich defensive tactics an important piece. But Mathieu’s left knee and right knee have torn apart, and 3 years in the 4 year of his career have ended with the season’s release. How to avoid injuries will be a big problem for him. 49 33 year old Antoine Bethea will replace J Willinger as the first to leave the DJ- with the growth of Qiang Wei, his field age performance has begun to decline significantly. The two round of the rookie safety Beck Bada can prevent running and can prevent transmission, and even a certain impulse transmission capability, is also a versatile backcourt, he may soon be able to get a lot of chances.

The defense is not lack of star talent is not the lack of tactical color, but injuries will still be their greatest enemy.

Phil Dawson

Last year, missed 7 kicks and 4 additional points of the Cardinals to replace the kicker, they nfl game hope that the 42 year old Phil Dawson’s arrival can guarantee the stability of scoring. The position of the discard kick is currently under Competition (Matt, Wile) and (Richie, Leone). Although the four round pick TJ- Logan injured in the accident was disrupted the team to return the hand, but they soon found running back Williams Corwin can also play in kickoff return and punt returner position.

Green Bay Packers forecast for the new season

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In the new season, the passing of packers will increase, but the premise is that attacking strikers and running guards can at least give qualified performance.

Compared to the offline Guard Reserve stretched, can play only inside linebacker Jack Ryan (Jake Ryan), Blake Martinez (Blake Martinez) and Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas) three people, and they are not the star player, played the first qualified performance has the best expected. The main outside linebacker Nick Perry and Craig – Matheus Sans (Clay Matthews III) are worrying injuries the past, and once inside who couldn’t cope, and probably Mathews went to emergency. After the loss of Julius and Datuoen peipers Jones, outside linebacker rotation only the second grade Keller – Fake Lehr (Kyler Fackrell) and rookie Vince – the two people last year, the former is limited by the experience of strength injury status and other factors, playing defensive shift number is not much, the latter of foot surgery in May, is still in the recovery. And then down the row is Elliot in the previous year had the preseason win many captured and killed the number of Geelong – (Jayrone Elliot), before he worked in the main unit, this year may increase the workload in his defense group.

The key metrorrhagic cornerback position is last offseason adjustment, the team is still not in the free market to sign big star cornerback or until the transaction, but the first sign of the old nanthavong Moorhouse, marking the outer connected experience and good physical ability can make the first Moorhouse on top of a horn guard position. Then they picked up the skills and speed of the tall corner, Wei Kevin – kim. The lean gold needs to be honed to suit the NFL level, and his growth will almost certainly determine whether the packers will succeed this year. The Damaliesi – Randall (Damarious Randall) and Quentin Rawlins (Quinten Rollins), the two year plagued by injuries on the field’s poor performance, and the two round of the first round of the 2015 show, as long as you keep healthy to adjust the physical and mental state, is still expected to competition two or three horn guard position. Safety first is still ha and Morgan – Burnett (Morgan Burnett) this old partner, they are the most solid defensive barrier team. The 2010 season will be in front of the team is Burnett Qiang Wei of the most experienced second tier players, he in the past 6 seasons 5 times have contributed more than 90 times a single season hold, will focus more on the anti run support. The new two round pick Josh Jones’s tough tall rapidly, without losing the skills, he will not only in the new season to replace Hyde second-line generalist role, or the contract expires next year Burnett’s potential successor.

Defensive front line is worth looking forward to, second line performance is expected to pick up, but the strength of the interior guard mediocre and outside defense depth is not enough, I’m afraid the packers are the biggest hidden danger of defensive group.

Secret Service

Kicker Mason – Crosby (Mason Crosby) last season 30 free kicks hit 26 times, the performance of stability, 52 yards, shooting goals, cowboy is impressive. , the new Justin Vogel, has performed well in the training camp, but needs to undergo the test of formal competition, Justin and Vogel. The same is the new jerseys from usa Derek Hart LONG TEE (Derek Hart) and his teammates also need especially a punt hand player two Vogel a lot of foster understanding, the team re signed back to play 9 years old will kick off hand Bret Goode competed last year because of a lost ball stripped back to attack the opportunity Trevor Davies (Trevor Davis) in the offseason has strengthened with football training, he even recorded a video to watch the coaching training. In the first week and two days before the season the match, Davies completed a 68 yard punt return touchdowns, are off to a good start for the new year. Straight sprint ability of Geoff – Janis (Jeff Janis) is a special group of grapple weapon, but this season over the battle lineup is increasingly intense, the lack of progress in catching he must first ensure their own list of seats.

Prospects for the new season

The packers last season in the first season of the new North, in addition to their opponents with the area team jerseys nfl, in the South and the north, and last year the League of nations and the first cowboy country on the west is the first Seahawks compny. The packers offensive seemingly still exist many hidden dangers in a trend which cannot be halted at the ball and linebacker configuration, but since Rodgers said he hopes to have the playoffs this year home court advantage, then I will choose to believe him.

Expected record: 12 wins and 4 losses, North first.