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NFL star history review

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Vic Beasley

Vic Beasley is the Atlanta falcons eighth overall pick of the 2015 first round a young people, the young man then broke out great energy in the Falcon’s second season, he has grown into this league can pass at take charge as chief of the hand, in a position outside linebacker Beasley always can tear off the attack and protect each other the enemy, straight from the quarterback on him, people see the shadow of Beasley von Miller, swift, tough, as all as nothing like, let people can not help but admit that he is coming to rule the NFL top defender, last season he completed a total of 32 tackles, six dropped the ball for 15.5 sacks, ranked 2016 in the first season of NFL, brought a lot of trouble in the super bowl to attack Beasley aigo. Last season’s team of the year, Beasley also successfully selected the best first team, 2017 Beasley will be better.

Bobby Wagner

Seattle Seahawks defensive core, Bobby middle linebacker Wagner is already on the list of the 100 star old friends, as the Seahawks middle linebacker, he is a good example in this position the player should do what, in 2016, Bobby – Wagner to get rid of the injury troubled, he played in attendance help the Seahawks built a solid defence, as a jerseys china leader in this position, all his defensive consciousness let his teammates can do want to do, because Wagner will always appear in the right place to do the right thing. Since 2014, Bobby – Wagner is the regulars of the league’s best team, last season he completed a total of 86 capture and 4.5 capture, almost unstoppable performance.

Fletcher Cox

As you can see, after ranking in the top 50, rushed from hand more and more began to enter the list, defensive tackle Fletcher Cox – Philadelphia eagles, perhaps that is not very interesting player, but it is undeniable that the Philadelphia hawks can always adhere to the philosophy of Cox rushed in front of the line is fully deserve. The hero, a strong body so that he can unbridled impact each other, he and Brandon Graham together for the Hawks sent quality Chong Chuan, Fletcher last season Cox made 27 tackles, 6.5 sacks and 1 times off the ball, he often is one of the most troublesome, he brought great the pressure to position players and the quarterback can in each step in the defense. Fletcher Cox for two consecutive years in the occupation bowl, in 2014 with the 2015 season he was also the best season of the second team, 26 year old Cox will continue to show their more energy in the League.

Cam – money Eisner

Cam – money Eisner, one of the Seattle Seahawks defensive ace, he and Richard – Sherman and Earl – Thomas still maintained the detonation Legion prestige, they are guarding the Seattle Seahawks defensive line is in the League every team is extremely troublesome combination. Cam – money Eisner body job safety, he and Earl – Thomas can hold up a piece of “the Seahawks backcourt no fly zone”, under the defense system, the Seahawks, regardless of the ground offensive defense repeatedly undermine each other’s pass or stop the opponent, or raid rival four health, money, Le always have their own way. Last season, cam – money Eisner has suffered some injuries, but it still did not stop his good performance on the court, making 47 tackles, with 2 steals, practical and low-key. Unfortunately, these players back the Seattle Seahawks, last season in a year is not very popular, money Eisner has not selected at the end of the season the best team, it is really a pity.

Marco Murray

Once the red ball League Mawang, offensive player of the year DeMarco Murray once again on this list up to such high position, nhl jerseys cheap Murray found the feeling in the period when the Tennessee Cowboys Titans, can say the same strong offensive attack is the reason of Murray’s achievement. In the Titans, such as Murray in a place where there is no one, he again ran the ball team to show a strong advocate at the same time, he also helped Henry rookie Derek – fully grown. In the difficult period of Philadelphia eagle, Murray not to bring too much trouble, he took off again in the 2016 season, the Titans, DeMarco Murray scored 1287 rushing touchdowns and 9 yards, 377 yards and 3 touchdowns for the ball.

Marcus Peters

A good defensive player Marcus – Peters as the 2015 draft made his debut, is entering the peak of 2015, he completed the Emirates team history single season best 8 steals, and finished two interception return touchdown, he was given high expectations, is considered to be a superstar however, Peters did not disappoint, the 2016 season, he guards the party territory into four points a dare to challenge the place, because he will use “return” to steal them, he and safety Eric Berri two people become the cornerstone of the back of the emirates. Peters once again to help Kansas Emirates team into the playoffs, but he not only two consecutive selected occupation bowl, he also was first elected to the first team this season, he is undoubtedly the recognition of the strength, as long as Peters continue to maintain this state, then we will witness a new superstar.

Matthew Staffordshire

The Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Staffordshire in 2016 100 star thirty-first, in 2014 after Staffordshire has finally grown to an able to lead the team to win the quarterback, led the Detroit lions after years of re entered the playoffs, the 2009 champion show in the 2016 season repeatedly with his big heart at the crucial moment, help the lion change danger into safety to win the game. Although Staffordshire failed to help the Detroit lions to break the embarrassing record 25 years playoff winless. In the 2016 season, Matthew – Staffordshire pass completed 4327 yards, came out of the 24 reach, 10 times the interception, the pass rate reached 65.3%, quarterback score of 93.3. Although Staffordshire didn’t win many personal honors in the 2016 season, it was reasonable for him to be in this position throughout his season.

Peterson is about to bounce back

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Adrian Peterson has a good start in the saints

The New Orleans saints back now bringing together these many NFL alliance once the star player, former Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn and former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is the alliance of famous characters, and the two veteran new season will wear the saints Jersey. This people can not help but have some expectations, after all, two people are still powerful, can imagine they can bring back the saints in a certain chemical reaction. They took part in the day before the saints training camp, apparently the two veteran get along great, John Kuhn and Peterson love especially the feeling of cooperation.

“Will we be strangers before?” Certainly no stranger, I for a long time thinking can have such a day, as I saw him, he looks as before did not change, he seems to be the original Adrian Peterson, and I to be together with him, put on the same team uniforms are very happy.” John – Kuhn said, Kuhn worked for 9 years in the Green Bay Packers, and Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings played for years, because the two teams is division opponents, John Kuhn and Peterson often met in the game. Until last month, Kuhn signed a two-year contract with the saints.

The 32 year old Adrian Peterson, in New Orleans to carry out the saints’ day in front of the media open nfl jerseys nike wholesale training camp to show the original speed and fluency, but for a running back, in the grapple training courses, outstanding performance is understandable. However, for saints coach Sean – Payton, Peterson show in the training of the state is a very good effect.

“He showed a good catch ability, I think there is enough space in case he can do some comfortable ball, his ball ability is very strong, he did well, he will spend the offseason program with us, his condition is very good.” Sean – Payton is full of praise for Peterson, so we have reason to look forward to the new season, Adrian – Peterson can give people a fresh feeling.

Blaine Hoyle knows 49 people at the back of his hand

The offensive team personnel in San Francisco 49 people most of them participated in last week’s activities, obviously the players have grasped the new coach Kell Shanahan’s ideas and tactics, especially the quarterback Blaine Hoyle after he trained three times already learned Shanahan’s intention.

“Some tactics, slogans to me more concise, I remember the last time I need to think about these things, but now I find that I understand, when Kell Shanahan issued instructions, I can be very good to express these things, listen again tactics helpful I think the password, call the tactical slogan is successful attack in general, these things really do not want too much, it will be the first time to reflect.”

This is always a learning curve of an inherent, it depends on the degree of difficulty of the tactical system, but it is a long and difficult process, but when 49 people looking for a quarterback can change their depth when in the free agent market, the team’s sights on Blaine Hoyle’s body and the main reason is the understanding of Hoyle Shanahan, Blaine Hoyle and Kell as Shanahan on 2014 in Cleveland Brown team work together over a period of time, when Hoyle Brown and Shanahan Brown is the quarterback and offensive coordinator, two people had a good cooperation, in that season, Hoyle first played 13 games the game finished 3326 yards passing and 12 touchdowns and 13 steals, but in the first nine games Blaine Hoyle starting, he led Brown made a surprise People’s 6 wins and 3 losses.

Therefore, in the case of understanding Hoyle Shanahan, two people with natural very understanding, but on the season Hoyle in Chicago bears almost the best state in total he came 1445 yards for 6 touchdowns, no steals, but in the end because of injuries but reimbursement. Kell Shanahan’s coaching career at the peak season, he helped the cheap jerseys football Atlanta falcons scored the super bowl, so we have reason to believe that two people in 49 people can cooperate happily.

NFL superstar Brady opens China Tour

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New England Patriots’ Tom Brady holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in overtime at the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017, in Houston. The Patriots defeated the Falcons 34-28. At right is Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Will visit Beijing, Shanghai

NFL superstar Tom Brady in the social network through the video announced in June this year, he will open his first third weeks China, will visit Beijing and Shanghai two city, interact with the fans Chinese.

As the first person in the history of NFL, Brady China countless fans, he not only has a handsome appearance, in the football field is the existence of god. In the 17 years of occupation career, there have been 61582 yards in the history of the fourth, recorded 456 touchdowns in a row fourth, 39 year old Brady is likely to go beyond their predecessors in the history of the first. And to the stage of legendary legend, playoff and even super bowl, he is well deserved king. In the playoffs, Brady played 34 times, from 9094 yards and 63 touchdowns, way ahead of other names. In the super bowl, Brady 7 competition, winning 5 times, 4 Super Bowl MVP, 2071 yards and 15 touchdowns in the data is also very difficult to have people with no predecessors, to go beyond.

In this year’s fifty-first super bowl, Brady is cemented his historic first position, trailed by 25 points in the new England patriots, under his leadership, in the final 20 minutes to tie the score, and hit the winning touchdown in overtime, the super bowl, the largest in the history of the reverse. As a rookie of the 199th ranking, but it can accomplish Jordan’s great career, so inspirational story, it is difficult to find second people in sports. In this summer, Brady announced that they have the opportunity to play at the age of 47, this statement also attracted many viewers, fans of Jordan and Brady who greater problems discussion.

In the hot summer, Brady’s arrival will surely detonate China fans.

Countless players have staged their own legends, which are worthy of respect and need to be remembered. Let’s take a look at some of the memorable moments that have happened in history today (below are American time) –

In June 16, 1975, the Lakers packed four for the day”
In June 16, 1982, the Nuggets traded Skywalker to Seattle
Today: Jordan joins Arsenal in 55 points
In June 16, 1986, 76 men traded Mose Malone to bullets
Today: Jordan joins Arsenal in 55 points
In June 16, 1988, the pistons made the Lakers’ finals record
In June 16, 1993, “flying man” blew 55 points, flat finals second high score
Today: Jordan joins Arsenal in 55 points

In June 16, 1996, Jordan became the first four FMVP players in history

21 years ago today, the Chicago bulls won the fourth championship trophy with 4-2 of the big 87-75 in the final sixth games, beating Seattle at seattle. Michael – Jordan in a brief retirement quickly lead the bulls in the finals to complete the Renaissance, he averaged 27.3 points and 5.3 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.7 steals, became the first four NBA Finals MVP player in NBA history.

In June 16, 1999, the Lakers hired Zen master to start the championship Tour

Today: Jordan joins Arsenal in 55 points

Today: Jordan joins Arsenal in 55 points

2 years ago today, the Jinzhou warriors in the sixth game of the finals in the 105-97 victory against Cleveland, the big score 4-2 defeat opponents, win in team history again after a lapse of 40 years. The warriors players Andre – Iguodala continued to play the role of Jones, he in 36 minutes, 20 to 9, with 25 points and 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals, averaging 16.3 points and 5.8 rebounds and 4 assists won the finals MVP. Warriors star de Raymond – Green in 41 minutes 13 cast 6, sent 16 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists and 3 steals, harvesting personal playoffs for the first time, finals only once “three pairs.””. Cavaliers star Lebron – James scored 33 in 47 minutes, 32 points, 18 rebounds, 9 assists, and 2 steals in 13 minutes.

In June 16, 2016, Zhan Hong 41+8+11 pulled the finals into seven

Rodgers helped the final exemption of senior high school students jerseys

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You are not wanted in the school when do not test how wonderful, you more than me, nike nfl jerseys like the packers super star Aaron Rodgers may have suffered a course of high school, he may like many high school students do not love learning love exam, but often they can’t. But after a NFL superstar, he has the ability and responsibility more, as he recently helped a few do not want to participate in the final exam of senior high school students have the opportunity of exemption.

What is this: Jacksonville Janesville joint school students don’t want to participate in the sports culture of the exam, but the teacher Lara Roberts is a big fan of Aaron Rodgers, then the students would suggest that if Aaron Rodgers can transmit twitter we don’t want to test, so that they would not participate in the examination results. The teacher is very happy.

So a student named Payton Meijer sent a tweet and @ Rodgers said “our teacher said that as long as you can forward this tweet, we can not do not test the sports culture exam, so please help us forward, our teacher is super fan of you the idea of. As a result, Aaron – Rodgers really helped them forward the tweet and attached the text. “I think the sports culture class is an important subject, but I still forwarded it.””. So the students don’t have to take exams!

Are you envious of the fact that students can get such treatment? First of all, you must have a teacher who is a teacher and a fan of idols.

Harvard pirates away

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and four bit veteran Ryan Fitz Patrick to reach a consensus, the two sides signed the contract, so stay in the free agent market has long been the Harvard want finally ended up his idea of retirement, he again got a job.

According to reliable sources, Franz Patrick and Tampa Bay Buccaneers reached a one-year contract worth $3 million, the 34 year old spent 12 seasons in the NFL, he will end his starting quarterback time now, be Jamis Winston’s replacement.

Patrick has spent two seasons in the New York jets, he played two different seasons, the 2015 season he scored 3905 yards passing and 31 touchdowns, season 2016 he only came 2710 yards and 12 touchdowns, by 17 steals. Such a bad performance made the jet firm give up the veteran.

Now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the seventh team career Ryan Patrick has, throughout the history of NFL is only 5 cheap nhl jerseys quarterbacks in 7 different teams in the play.

At present, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a contender to Southern League of nations, they are likely to break into next season’s playoffs, so the pirates need such an old future guarantee that after the accident, the team had four points worth of trust can be used.

Tom Brady concussion rumors were clarified

Before Tom Brady’s wife Giselle Bundchen revealed once troubled Brady concussion, this one change makes today but raise a Babel of criticism of Tom Brady, the broker on behalf of their clients to donyell to clarify the facts, he said he spent the season without a little Di concussion situation.

“Last year, Brady has never been diagnosed with what concussion phenomenon, there are many agreements with protection measures, which is obviously good. With Brady familiar people very alert and never cares about his health.” Tang Ye said.

So we can understand some interesting things from the broker’s words: as Brady’s wife, Brady engaged in the sport of rugby Bundchen has wholesale jerseys been very worried, but Brady had never suffered a concussion, but some occasional symptoms make Bundchen very worried so ndchen in that time will be unable to restrain the emotions on the CBS morning show out about Brady concussion thing, this is probably derived from a woman to her husband worry stand.

So for the time being, we can trust the broker’s situation until NFL investigates the new results. After all, Tom Brady has almost 40 years old, his body is not as young is so strong, already want Brady ndchen the idea of retirement, but Brady always Bundchen perfunctory, so can only use some special ndchen means to indicate their position.

The Seahawks consider Capet as a substitute Nick nfl jerseys

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NFL news summary: the Seahawks consider Capet as a substitute Nick

Capet Nick nfl jerseys

Peter Carol said Capet Nick and Griffin III becomes the Seahawks consideration

Peter Carol, the Seattle Seahawks are searching for the backup quarterback in the United States Monday said, and now Colin – Capet and Robert – Nick Griffin III has become a candidate of the Seattle Seahawks quarterback of the bench.

Peter Carol explained that the team is adding a suitable rival for Russell Wilson, and Carol found is Colin – Capet Nick and Robert – Griffin III, the two fundamental quarterback this No one shows any interest in the player, Peter Carol explains why.

“We are looking for any one of the right players, we do, we have to find some suitable target, our team has some problems, but we are still trying to solve, but directly, we are looking for some players now,” Carol said.
Russell Werwilson occupation career has never missed any NFL games in the 2016 season, but he is carrying an injury battle, and now the Seattle Seahawks for the backup quarterback is Trevor von Boykin, but the young man in the early days of Li Yin for possession of marijuana was accused of, and he is also very it is possible because the same problem was arrested.

Green was cold today at the attack, with only 3 shots in 12 shots. Green didn’t care. He said how many points he scored, and the shooting data never defined him. Green said: “I’ve never been one of those players who decide to play on the pitch. If I were that kind of player, I’d already been eliminated by the league.”

Green and Clyde Thompson today have played a strong defense, two offensive efficiency is not high, but in the end the defensive distinctions won in battle. Green said: “Thompson is our man, we are trying to pass him. He’s super defensive in the playoffs this year.”.”

About scored 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, Kevin – Durant, Green also gave high praise, he said: “about Durant, one thing is for sure, as long as he wants, he can attack the basket at any time.

As a result the Seattle Seahawks really need some suitable substitute quarterback for Colin Capet Nick, this is a good news, because the Seahawks team has a lot of players very supportive of Capet and Nick, Capet Nick had the national anthem at the ceremony to kneel, like Doug Baldwin, the Seahawks team Michael – Bennet, Clif – Avery and Jeremy – have long cheap jerseys the public voice over Nick Capet. Not only that, in the offseason Richard Sherman and Bennet Capet also said Nick should get a NFL job.

12 games played in last season’s Nick Capet, he has a 59.2% pass rate of success, but he came with 16 touchdowns and 4 steals, as if a NFL squad now, Colin Capet Nick will at least be a competent substitute.

Today, the inside of the warriors did a good job of protecting rebounds, and Thompson, the Cavs’ best rebounding player, scored only 4 rebounds, Tristan. Mcgee said: “our interpretation is as far as possible to keep Thompson away from the basket, you can not worry about his rebounds, we are try to post him out, he could not rely on offensive rebounds to the team to provide extra light round offensive team.”