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NFL has been in China for 11 years?

By • Apr 26th, 2017 • Category: nfl jerseys news

I do not know when to start, the people around him began to talk about NFL. This can not be called on the name of a few NFL team, a few big players, but also embarrassed to say that he is a senior sports fans.”

“Did you see the Super Bowl today?” In recent years before and after the Spring Festival, this sentence seems to be a way to greet Chinese sports fans.

Perhaps more people are concerned about the super bowl rather than the game itself, but there is no doubt that this is an important symbol of NFL’s growth in china.

A large number of live games, high-quality offline activities, the promotion of a batch of stars, as well as the media offensive around the super bowl, over the past few years NFL constantly force. A remarkable fact is that more people know it, more people know it, and more people love it.

In the domestic first 001A aircraft carrier Dalian shipyard dock has a new action. cheap jerseys The staff is putting a red flag along the hull, what seems to be preparing for the ceremony. Many people in the crowd were very excited, various news media, since the media network is also speculation is sign to be launched the first domestic aircraft carrier. Have arrived at the scene broadcast inserted through the red flag of the first domestic aircraft carrier.
Reporters reported that the upcoming launch of the domestic carrier 001A aircraft carrier in Dalian. Multi angle perspective in the rain before the launch of the aircraft carrier panorama.

Even narrowed the scope of this ecosystem sports business vertical media, during the super bowl to write most of the media in a continuous line, the size of a media 29 reprint.

In this bustling behind trader hand, is the general manager of NFL China Richard Young. The Chinese, who have studied in China, who can speak Chinese and have Chinese names (Yang Ruiqi), have a better understanding of Chinese sports and Chinese culture than ordinary foreign executives.

2017 Simaifu global sports industry summit, we have had an interview with him, NFL was discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by China.

Failed to reach the scene of military enthusiasts are also in a variety of ways to observe the trend of the aircraft carrier. China’s first aircraft carrier has completed all the construction work in April 23rd, and has water float out of the dock in recent days at any time, to complete the work. Therefore, these days the aircraft carrier’s every move will be of concern”.

Shanghai Shenhua this season, the first loss of the AFC Champions League qualifying, then the team’s nfl jerseys china largest brand of foreign aid Tevez into the injured stop. For he, first season coach Shenhua, but also to withstand a lot of test.

However, recently, Poyet accepted the famous British media talkSPORT interview, said he hoped to sign his former teammate, Terry.

Poyet said: this year’s new deal with foreign aid changes, so many teams have to give up the introduction of foreign aid central defender, but we now have to talk about a very special player, super is likely to be the next stop of Terry. Now for Terry and all the super team, including Shanghai Shenhua, is a good opportunity for cooperation.”