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The four major sports leagues in North america: The National Football League is the highest level sports league in the United States, and the super bowl is the most popular sport in the United States today.

Baseball League is the highest level of Professional Baseball League in North America, is also known as the United States since the United States national ball sports events. MLB is made up of the League of nations and the League of nations, the United States alliance uses the rules of the designated strike, the National Union is not used. Each year, the league's championship team will compete for the title of the world series. Ice Hockey League is the largest professional hockey tournament in North America, wholesale jerseys from china,cheap authentic jerseys, is the world's highest level of professional hockey league. NHL was founded in 1917 in Quebec, Montreal, Canada, was founded at the beginning of the five teams, after a series of expansion, a total of 30 teams, of which the United States is located in the United States, the 6 is located in Canada, the 24.

The team is divided into two major areas: East and West, each of which is divided into three zones. The Stanley cup, which is contested every year by the NHL League, is the oldest trophy in professional sports. Traditionally, most of the players are Canadian because of their Canadian origin. In the fall of NHL positive output to the United States and its expansion compared to the high standards of other Union and Eastern Europe after the iron curtain ready high level players, European players and American players have obvious increasing trend. Even so, half of the players on the roster are still born in canada. With the announcement of the NHL China's plan, NFL will be the only one of the four major league matches in North America cheap jerseys nfl,cheap jerseys mlb,cheap jerseys nhl. that has not yet been held in china. Although the pace behind the other major league, but NFL is also actively studying the possibility of hosting the tournament in China in the next few years to achieve this goal, but also very promising.

Initially, like MLB, NFL is trying to land in China during the 2008 Olympic games. The original plan in August 8, 2007, the Olympic Games countdown to the first anniversary of the Beijing Workers Stadium by the new England patriots against the Seattle Seahawks, the Patriots was the only one with offices in China NFL team. But NFL was also carried out in London for the first time to carry out overseas regular season schedule, eventually because of lack of confidence in the market China, decided to focus on the London side, this "Chinese bowl" has been postponed until 2009.

Unfortunately, the global economic crisis broke out in 2008, NFL teams have also been hit, had to lay off to get through. Affected by this, the Patriots closed their offices in China, Chinese bowl ultimately aborted. With the maturing of the London Games, NFL has accumulated experience in overseas competitions. With the increasing popularity of American football in recent years, China's huge market potential has once again attracted the attention of NFL. In March last year, the major media have burst, NFL in considering the possibility of doing the game in China, for the 2018 season in order to achieve it.


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